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Principal’s Welcome

Bundalaguah Primary School

Principal’s Welcome

When I began the role of Principal at Bundalaguah Primary School in 2021 I was drawn to the sense of connection that existed in this space. Every student is truly seen, heard and understood and students express the sense of belonging they feel through their words and their actions. 

The small setting contributes to sense of belonging and so too do the educators that focus their effort on drawing out the best in each student.

While our environment is small our desire to extend and expand all students is large. We privilege any chance we get to expose the students to the wider world, accessing opportunities both at the school, in the wider community to expand horizons and make connections between what we learn within our classes and real world experiences. 

The beauty of the small school setting gives us the flexibility to develop this authentic approach to learning and build shared experiences.

Sarah Whitwam

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Our Vision

We strive to create a community of learners that are curious, empowered and engaged.


Our Values

Respect, resilience, co-operation, honesty.


As a Community

We strive to be kind, take care, be safe and have a go.