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Bundalaguah Primary School



Bundalaguah Primary School is part of the Sale Rural Cluster along with 7 other small schools in the area.
The schools join together regularly for ‘Cluster Days’ and participate in activities with organisations like Life Savers Victoria, St John’s Ambulance, the Police, Life Education, and Lord Somers Camps.

We compete in swimming, athletics and cross country.

Students attend camps with other cluster schools annually we work hard on building up and sustaining friendships across the schools in the cluster.

Reading is a major focus at school and we are fortunate to have a travelling library van (MARC Van) come to the school each week with a teacher librarian who runs an engaging program for the students and provides an opportunity to borrow books.

Parents & Friends Club

We welcome families to get involved in the school, we see the school community as a corner of a triangle with students and families being the other points, working together we build in a supportive environment students need to flourish.

Bobs Crew

We are fortunate to have Bob’s Crew come and help us around the yard. These committed volunteers have changed the landscape of the yard by building and tidying our environment making it a beautiful place to be. Consideration of others and the opportunity to contribute to our community are values we promote with our students and it is so rewarding to be able to see this demonstrated through the actions of this group of cheery volunteers, modelling what it can look like and feel like when you do positive things for others.


The chooks are a big part of the school community, not just contributing to the rural feel but also bringing out the nurturing side to the students. They are probably the most fed and petted chickens in the area and we benefit from the eggs, often using them in pancakes at breakfast club.

Kitchen Garden

Students enjoy getting into the kitchen garden, it has been an active spot over the years. Students propagate, plant and pick the fruit, herbs and vegetables and often the space is abuzz with activity both during playtimes and community or inquiry sessions.