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Bundalaguah Primary School


With literacy and numeracy at the forefront of our learning programs, educators at Bundalaguah Primary School are committed to providing a multi-disciplinary approach to learning. We create experiences in and out of the classroom to expand our students’ engagement and motivation through authentic real world applications. We seek to educate creatively, experientially and with care.


Our students have opportunities to develop their voice and agency through leading meetings and assemblies. They can contribute to the design of the school and assist in planning co- curricular activities. They proudly represent our school at events and functions. Our students are welcoming of others and strive to be their best.

The Victorian Curriculum provides the framework for curriculum at Bundalaguah Primary School and with small class sizes we are able to tailor the curriculum to the needs and interests of our students.

Literacy and numeracy are integral to the foundational learning. The school uses the systematic synthetic phonics program, Jolly Phonics and 6+1 Writing Traits, along with readers and writers notebooks and inquiry learning foci.


We explicitly teach the fundamental skills for literacy as a core practice at Bundalaguah Primary School.

We follow a Systematic Synthetic Phonics approach in our daily teaching and engage our students in all facets of literacy learning including Readers and Writers Notebooks and drama literacy.

Reading is a major focus at school and we are fortunate to have a travelling library van (MARC Van) come to the school each week with a teacher librarian who runs an engaging program for the students and provides an opportunity to borrow books.


Bundalaguah follows the principles of the big ideas in mathematics and seeks to engage students in challenging mathematical instruction that is immersive, hands on and open ended. Through collaborative work we guide the students to deeper levels of understanding to both master the content and to develop skills in the proficiencies-

– Problem Solving
– Fluency
– Reasoning

Maths Instructional Model
Maths Vision


We are fortunate at Bundalaguah to have specialists on our team who create opportunities for all students to experience a variety of immersive opportunities as a regular part of the weekly program.

Health & Physical Education

Partnerships in sport include:

– Tennis Australia
– Kemp’s Swimming
– Life Saving Victoria
– Maffra Gymnastics
– Street Games Latrobe Valley / YMCA Skateboarding

The Arts
We are fortunate to have many staff that have studies and worked in different artistic
endeavours and the commitment to the arts flows through to the students.

Currently we teach:
– Visual Art
– Drama
– Dance/Music

The school has a strong focus on exploring the arts in many different forms. Allowing the students imagination to wander into creative spaces has fostered friendships, skills and a sense of confidence. We have pride in the enthusiasm the students bring to the arts and how through this creative lens we see the world and each other in a new light.

We also invite experts in the field to expand the student’s experiences and supplement the program.

Current Partnerships include:
– Blue Sky Dance
– Kaleidoscope Song Room – visiting Art therapist
– Wellington Art Gallery
– The Arts Centre Melbourne


We expand our curriculum experiences through an inquiry process where we question, explore and extend our thinking. We also attempt to involve the wider community, professionals and experiences that help us develop our understanding.

Recently we had Melbourne Museum bring their dinosaur relics to share which helped inform our understanding of continuity and change, evolution and the field of
palaeontology, along with exposing students to prehistoric creatures that roamed our lands in Australia. We have Bug Blitz explore our environment and are involved with Nakunbalook, in the Sale Botanical Gardens. We engage with companies like Supreme Excursions to explore force and motion by building billy carts and immerse students in learning opportunities that are fun, engaging and motivational. We believe it helps to make the learning meaningful and memorable.
Disciplines we cover in inquiry learning include:

– Science
– History
– Geography
– Economics