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Our Staff

Unnamed 7

Cindy Chisholm | Teacher

As an educator, my purpose is to ensure every student has a voice and to nurture their learning growth.

I have always loved interacting with young people. When my own children were going through primary school I helped in their classrooms. I would sneakily observe their teachers, their interactions with the students and the learning that was happening. I was determined to be a part of this dynamic environment and told my children’s principal that I was thinking of enrolling in a course to become an education support worker. She convinced me to get my teaching degree- and as they say, the rest is history!

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Kahlia Hillbrich | Teacher

Not many people can say that they have been both a teacher and student at a school, but I fortunately have. My love for all things sport developed as a student here at Bundalaguah Primary School, with many fond memories of Rural School Sports days, Kanga Cricket on the M.C.G and our weekly competitive games on the oval. I now get the pleasure of supporting and witnessing today’s students grow their gross motor skills and sporting knowledge, alongside their academic knowledge in the classroom as well. Being the youngest of four children to attend Bundalaguah Primary School, it has been exciting to see the different changes that have occurred within the school over the years, as well as the traditions that have remained in place. It has certainly been such a special school community to be a part of.

Unnamed 5

Anthony Begbie | Maths Specialist

I have always valued curiosity. It led me to my love of travelling and trying new things, and in many ways shapes my family and 3 wonderful children. I love to travel and I love sport. I’ve seen Real Madrid play in front of 80,000 people in Spain, and I’ve sat on the bench of a university soccer team in Malaysia playing on what can only be described as a mud patch. Both are highlights of my life. This curiosity led me to teaching and I quickly realised the privileged position that our profesion has in working with young people, who in many ways are driven by that curiosity to find out more about the world around them. I’ve been teaching at Bundalaguah PS now for 11 years, and I’m proud to be a part of this school’s ongoing history. I aim to be a part of an engaging, contagiously fun and curious community, and strive towards providing this environment for our students each day. 

Unnamed 4

Laura Beckett | Teacher

I have wanted to teach since I was a young child. I remember having teachers through primary and secondary school and thinking I couldn’t wait to be just like them. When I was in year 6, I remember having a teacher who clearly loved what she was doing, and her passion made everything we did and everyone in our room feel special. I knew then that I wanted to do that too. I went through high school taking English literature, theatre and music classes, and as I reached my last years I found an interest in psychology. I studied an arts and primary education degree at university, delving into English literature and psychology. I found a love of studying the human mind, how we learn, how understand our emotions and how we process the world around us. This further spurred on my love of learning; now it drives me to support, empower and inspire every one of my students to understand themselves and follow their own passions and curiosities. Outside of school, I love to read, and have revisited my love of music through teaching myself to play the piano.

Unnamed 3

Heather Trewin | Education Support

I have been working in Education Support since 1999. I starting at Bundalaguah P.S at the beginning of 2010. 

A couple of my favorite parts of the job is when a child has a “got it moment” after struggling with a learning concept for a while then it clicks. A very special moment. 

Another of my favourite times is taking small groups of children for cooking activities and using some of what they have learnt in the classroom and putting it into real life situation. 

Hobbies: Cooking, Photography & Walking

Unnamed 2

Helen Waddington | Education Support

Throughout my varied work life I’ve always been passionate about helping others to learn. Whether it be mastering a snow plough on the slopes, introducing young folk to the joy of performing or passing on my love of storytelling I find teaching at the heart of what I like most of all. It is somewhat surprising then that Bundy was my first and only school position. Through all the challenges of my six years here, the one thing that has kept me in the job is the great team of educators I get to work with. 

Unnamed 1

Libby Brisbane | Education Support

My name is Libby. I’m a mother of 2 amazing boys and grandmother to 4 granddaughters. 

I attended Stratford Primary School and then Maffra High School. I worked at the Sale Hospital as a Ward Clerk for 15 years then for a Pharmaceutical Company in Perth for 8 Years. 

After moving back to Gippsland I helped out at my son’s kinder and decided this is something that I would like to do. 

I then studied and have a Diploma in Early Childhood and Education.

My strengths would be, patients, kindness and understanding. 


Blake Roberts Education Support (Wellbeing)

I am working in a wellbeing and mentoring role at Bundalaguah Primary School. I hope by being at Bundy I can continue to help students feel safe and happy.